Full Moon March 1 — Worm Moon Vedic Fire Ceremony

Salila Sukumaran
3 min readMar 1, 2018

The worm moon is the first full moon in the month of March and it happens to be tonight.

The full moon tonight has a lot of different nicknames: the Worm Moon, crow moon or sap moon because the ground begins to thaw and earthworms reappear, soon followed by the return of robins, and crows and the growth of new life.

As someone who practices a nature-centric life, a life governed by seasons, the solar and lunar rhythms, times of the day to chose what I eat, when I go out for a walk and the Vedic rituals I perform, looking up the full moon has become an important part of my life.

On full moon nights I spend at least 30 minutes outside soaking in the moonlight, chanting Vedic mantras and offering prayers to nature through a fire ceremony in my back yard.

My dog and my cat love to come hang out with me. I am always amazed that they sit quietly in attendance and understand that there is something sacred in the air. Usually if I am doing Yoga in the backyard, they are both trying to get on my mat and curl up on me.

Sadly, due to the winter storms ravaging the rest of United States, we in the Bay Area have been thoroughly soaked. All my kindling and chopped wood is sopping wet.

Here is what you need to perform a Vedic fire ceremony:

  1. A metal container large enough to hold an 8 inch diameter of kindling and wood, shaped like a teepee. Match stick, paper and dry leaved to get the fire going.
  2. Your favorite gods, crystals, a mala to chant with, preferably 108 beads to chant your seed mantra or a special mantra that you hold dear.
  3. Freshest flowers and fruit you can find, one or two will do. I usually pluck these on my dog walks.
  4. A fresh sprig of sage to burn, optional.
  5. Incense and a lamp or candle.
  6. A bell or rattle to create positive vibrations.
  7. Paper to write and burn your wishes, dreams, intentions in the sacred fire.

I find the ceremony to always connect me to my knowing and increase my intuitive powers. I feel grounded and calm. I get answers to my questions and valuable insights arise.

Also my feminine cycles get balanced and regular. The effect of the moon on our bodies is yet to be fully understood.

Fire ceremonies activate soul knowledge. They are powerful ways to connect us to our tribal ancestors and partake in a ritual that has been performed as long as we have lived.

The fire is also cleansing and healing, especially for Pitta Ayurveda body types. With a fire ceremony Pittas achieve bhoota shuddhi or cleansing of their element, fire.

There are no rules, use your own instincts to come up with what feels good to you.

Get out in the crisp night air, meditate on the moon, offer gratitude to our ancestors and watch the magic unfold.

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Salila Sukumaran

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