Kapha: Ayurveda Dosha Body Type, Imbalance, and Diet

Salila Sukumaran
3 min readDec 30, 2020

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science for living well, divides all humans on the basis of their dominant bioenergy. The main ones are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha body types, with seven additional sub types.

Kapha body types are persons with typically large solid body frames, smooth rounded joints, and well-developed flesh. With soft oily skin, curly thick hair, and white even teeth, the Kapha dosha type can stop traffic when they want to.

But, and there is a big butt (pun intended he..he!!!) Kapha peeps tend to gain weight due to lack of exercise much faster than Vata or Pitta body types. By no means does this make the Kapha body type any less than their Vata or the Pitta body friends. In fact, quite the contrary.

Ayurveda considers the Kapha Body Type to be the strongest of all body types, so congratulations, if you are one. Your steady energy levels can keep you going long after others have keeled over.

This dosha type is the easiest to go from imbalance to balance, with one, sorry, two remedies: movement and masala-la-la! Spice up your life with some Salsa and you are golden!

(If you don’t know your Ayurveda body type, take my free easy 2-minute dosha quiz test here)

Kapha Body Type Ayurveda Dosha Imbalance


Body, the Kapha body is well-formed, large-framed, with thick curly hair and strong bone structure.

Mind, the Kapha mind is slow, deliberate, calm, and peace-loving

Emotion, the Kapha emotions are nurturing, loyal, and when crossed possessive

Relationships, Kaphas do well with other Kaphas the best but also work well with Vatas and Pittas.

Diseases, Kapha are challenged with weight gain, cholesterol, diabetes, kidney stones, eye infections, etc

Employment, Kaphas do well in public-facing roles where a calm mind is an advantage like police, public service, and politics.

Challenges, Kapha tends to overeat, sleep, and become lethargic when out of balance.

Grab a cup of your favorite herbal tea, I have a lot to share about your Kapha dosha body type. Read more about how to manage diet and imbalance on my blog.

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