Romancing An Ayurveda Type

Salila Sukumaran
5 min readJan 1, 2021

Remember the last time you were out on a date?

Remember your walk back to the car with your pretty date who was so cold her teeth were chattering louder than the traffic on 101?

You gallantly offered your jacket, but uh-oh, where was it?

Damn! It was in the car, and the walk was long, and her teeth chattered all the way. And she seemed cross and off.

Let me equip you with Ayurveda for success with the fair ones, every time.

Ayurveda, literally, the knowledge of life, practiced for millennia in India, guides us with not only the right tools to self-care but also gives us valuable insights into the opposite sex.

Introducing the Vata Ayurveda Body Type

That skinny minny at work, who walks with a spring in her step and says yes to every moronic new project idea with the enthusiasm of a chipmunk stuffing its cheeks, is a Vata body type.

She will say yes to almost everything you plan and will chase you everywhere ( with cracking knees though, skinny Vatas have drier bones than other body types).

She will try anything once, yes, she will. She is full of new ideas. She can make a hovel look like a home. She may even surprise you with her museum-quality artwork.

A brief overview:

Body, the Vata body is slender, small-boned, has long limbs and sharp features.

Mind, the Vata mind is able to vision, is able to grasp many subjects very quickly but doesn’t retain them.

Emotion, the Vata dosha body type is excited and exuberant, loves to chat but can get anxious and overwhelmed.

When stress hits…

Vatas nag and complain. It’s a Vata thing. It’s not her, it’s her Vata

Here’s how to score with a Vata woman. When she gets anxious and worried, you will calmly hold her because you know a Vata gets worried.

When she starts to go on and on about everything that is wrong, you know getting her warm is the portal back to normalcy.

Lead her to a warm bath, tuck her in blankets, or simply hit the switch on the central heat. Make a cup of honeyed herb tea as she anxiously picks on the pilling on your sweater and tells you why the world is falling apart.

Cashmere makes a great present for skinny Vatas.

Luxurious massage oils will sweep her off her feet and keep her dry skin moisturized and happy.

When she comes home for dinner make something sweet and nourishing, load it up with healthy fats like ghee or olive oil. Some Vatas drink it by the gallon.

Do not let a Vata get cold and dry, she will not be happy.

Give it up for a Pitta Ayurveda Body Type

The well-proportioned Pitta girl at the gym is instantly recognizable by her athletic figure. She knows how to be successful. She works hard and she works late. She will get done what others cannot.

She speaks with conviction when she does speak.

Don’t let that fool you, she conceals a heart that yearns for passion and romance.

A summer afternoon is a bad time to take a heat-sensitive Pitta out for a picnic. As she breaks out in strawberry colored rashes, she is likely to snap at you.

A brief overview:

Body: the Pitta dosha body is of medium build, is athletic, and has developed muscles.

Mind: the Pitta mind is able to transform and digest knowledge, and is able to quickly process information. Pittas are logical and organized, to a fault sometimes.

Emotion: the Pitta body type is witty and bold, and is always ready with a methodical approach to problems but when out of balance can get aggressive and violent.

When stress hits Pittas run “hot”.

When your Pitta girl gets aggressive, take a deep cleansing breath, and crank up the air conditioner. Guide her to the pool, get her an ice-cold drink. Repeat to yourself, it's just her Pitta acting out.

Serve her a cup of cold borscht or gazpacho and watch her instantaneously chortle with joy.

She will love some aromatherapy oils to sleep better.

Steer a Pitta away from heat. Don’t propose in Paris in summer, a trip to Reykyavik in winter will do it for her.

Hello there, Kapha Ayurveda Body Type

That friend of your sister’s, that voluptuous stunner, who looks like a fertility Goddess, has to be a Kapha.

Her Betty Davis eyes, generous nurturing heart, and soft voice will be your ruin.

Warning! Never ever try the ‘let me get her jealous and see if she likes me’ trick on her, this Goddess will turn in to a Godzilla and will chase you to the ends of the Earth.

Maneuver her away from the dessert table and offer a spicy salsa topped warm taco chip instead.

Kaphas get cold and clammy when out of balance, keep them dry and cozy to have them purring with joy.

Brief overview:

Body, the Kapha body is well-formed, large-framed, with thick curly hair and strong bone structure.

Mind, the Kapha mind is slow, deliberate, calm, and peace-loving

Emotion, the Kapha emotions are nurturing, loyal, and when crossed possessive

When stress hits she will announce yet again with an overlong sigh that you don’t love her. This is an invitation to play tag with her, get her moving. It's just her Kapha, not her.

Book an Amazon rainforest jungle adventure. She will resist, don’t give up.

A bouquet of wildflowers will make this gentle homebody happy. Anything to make her home more comfortable will make a Kapha girl sing.

There you have it, with Ayurveda, a success every time!

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